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Forties Are The Decade Of Which All Others Shall Be Measured!

I created this blog to share tips/awesome resources and inspiration just for you.. on your entrepreneurial journey!

Hello You & Welcome Welcome To FortyPreneur!

A blog created for all those passionate entrepreneurial women who are heading towards the big 40 or …dare I say… are about to pop out the other end of the decade of which all others shall be measured….but…. 50’s are the new 40s…. shhh your secret is safe with me!

FortyPreneur was created for all those women who know who they are and what they want. More time, more energy and more freedom and who are simply looking at how to achieve this!

So who doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur…its a pretty cool word!

To me it means, independence, success, health, happiness and generosity!

I have been a budding entrepreneur for most of my life..but something happens when you head towards forty, I am not sure why it feels like such a dreaded milestone. It is certainly a time of reflection!

But the truth is…..I don’t feel any different compared to when I was in my 20s!  Do you feel the same way?

Sure, I do have a few “laugh lines” and have put on a few extra kilos, but other than that, I am still me,  I still have a pony tail and I still get the odd pimple/spot/zit!

So let me introduce myself properly..

My name is Dee and like most women, I wear many hats…

I am a wife and a mother of 5, a Registered Nurse turned Digital Entrepreneur & Blogger!

Learning how to market online has enabled me to create a lifestyle and business I love…a digital lifestyle.. which is a business model that oozes freedom and flexibility!

‘ Learning how to market online has enabled me to create a lifestyle and business I love…a digital lifestyle.. which is a business model that oozes freedom and flexibility!’

My first ever website was a Jewellery & Accessory website, talk about being original… the sad thing is..I don’t really like jewellery. After having kid’s….I could no longer wear earrings, my earlobes turn red and puff up! So lets just say my passion for selling jewellery online was short lived! The website looked fantastic though! Just a shame no one knew it existed, except for my family and friends!

I also ran an Ebay Store and a First Aid Training Business for over 2year’s.

But it was not quite the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle I was after.

I wanted the Digital Lifestyle, you know the one….the Laptop Lifestyle! Working from home, coffee shop or wherever.. because all I would need is my laptop/tablet and internet connection…

….wasnt exactly sure what I would be doing..but it sounded like a dream life for myself and my family!

As I was heading towards 40, the desire and determination to quit my job, became more like an obsession.

I knew I wanted to work my own hours so I could take my kids to and from school. I wanted to take care of my health, go to the gym and take my dog for a daily walk. I wanted more holidays with my family..and I didn’t want to ask permission from a lame ass boss to do so!

So, after many trials and errors and frustration, I finally figured out blogging and affiliate marketing was the lifestyle business I had been searching for. It is the easiest way to get started online when you do not have your own product!

So I invested in my education to learn all I could.

I received my first ever affiliate payment of $20 ..whilst I was driving, $100 while I was drinking coffee and a $1000 while I was asleep…I cried like a big girl! I sat up in bed and I cried and then said to my husband…I finally did it!

A far cry from shift work!

So I am sharing my knowledge to enable you to create a business and lifestyle that you absolutely love!

Life in your forties….lets embrace it together, great health, awesome lifestyle & oodles of success!

Make Your Forties Unreal!

Dee Xx

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