Racking Your Brain For Blog Ideas?

Racking your brain for blog ideas?

My ideas for blog posts have a terrible habit of inspiring me when I am nowhere near my laptop! Usually when im laying in bed, or in the shower, or driving to the shops, or out for a walk!

Often one thought leads to another which leads to another and if I am lucky enough to have my wee notebook in my bag, I will jot down my ideas!

Then there are times when I am sitting down, facing my laptop, staring at my editorial calendar feeling stuck and unmotivated!

If you google ‘Bloggers Block’ you may conclude like I did……. Bloggers Block Is A Phenomenon!

When I am suffering from the dreaded bloggers block, I play around with the tools listed below. Feel free to help yourself to the blog title suggestions. But make sure you experiment with the tools yourself. You will generate months worth of blog ideas using these tools. A word of warning, they can be a tad addictive… and the idea is to generate ideas so you can be productive with the time you allocated to work on your blog. Save all the blog post ideas to a google doc or your editorial calendar.

Check Out These 4 Free Tools That Will Certainly Get Your Blogging Juices Flowing!

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator!

Simply enter 3 terms or nouns into the fields that you’d like to write about. Click Give Me Blog Title Ideas And Wahla! A week’s worth of relevant blog post titles in a matter of seconds! For the purpose of this blog, I entered 3 nouns; blog, blogging and bloggers block. This is what HubSpot Blog Topic Generator came up with:

  • What Will Blogging Be Like In 100yrs
  • 5 Tools Everyone In The Blogging Industry Should Be Using
  • How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Bloggers Block
  • The History Of Blogging
  • Why We Love Blog (And You Should, Too!)

Blogabout By Impact!

There are a few additional features with this Blog Title Generator Tool. It begins with the sentence Blog about ________  Simply refresh to discover various subjects. Such as:

  • Blog about productivity
  • Blog about money
  • Blog about your opinion

If no ideas spring to mind, click next and you are given a title or sentence that requires you to enter  your own keywords.

Just fill in the blanks. Such as: ________ Keys To Building A Successful________ How ________ Can Improve Your ________

Select the heart icon and this will save your favourite titles to the Blogabout notepad.

Once you have gathered a range of titles you love, you can select  ’email me my list’  Very cool!

Portent Content Idea Generator!

This free content tool generator delivers rather humorous blog titles. Some are relevant and some utterly ridiculous that you just have to laugh! Simply enter the subject/name/noun and press enter! I entered the word ‘blogging’ and this is what Portent Content Idea Generator came up with:

  • Why Blogging Can Change Your Life?
  • Refresh for another option
  • Why You Shouldn’t Eat Blogging In Bed
  • What Mom/mum Never Told You About Blogging!
  • What The Beatles Could Learn From Blogging!

Content Ideator!

Ok, this by far is my favourite of the 4 free tools! It may not be the prettiest website, bland is an understatement! However, it does what it is supposed to do, in fact it over delivers, generating more than 500 blog titles! These titles are detailed and contain relevant and additional keywords, which certainly gets the creative juices flowing once again! I again entered the word blogging, clicked the search icon and 25 pages of blog titles were generated. Here are just 5 examples of what Content Ideator came up with for the word blogging:

  • Blogging Success: Do You Need Ideas for Your Blog?
  • Successful Blogging: What Do You Need To Know About SEO?
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Guest Blogging Now
  • Blogging Does the Length of Your Blog Post Matter? (You Bet It Does, But Why?
  • How to Earn An Extra $5000 Per Month WITHOUT Blogging Your Brains Out!

Let me know what you think of these tools. I would love to hear what weird and wonderful blog titles you generated using your own subject or keyword. Be sure to comment below. Wishing you oodles of health, happiness and success