#bloggersMBAcheckin Week 6

Secret Bloggers Business Bloggers MBA Module 6: Selling Ads & PR/ Plus Bonus Material

The Grand Finale and Kate over delivers again!

First up lets start with Module 6 followed by an overview of the bonus material.

Module 6 Selling Ads & PR

Finding the right advertisers, those who are congruent with your brand, is made easier with a 4 page Brainstorming Worksheet.

The worksheet  is broken down into categories, brands and products, such as fashion, pets, food, hair products etc.  I have become a real fan of the structure and productivity that flows from using various worksheets along with planners and editorials!

Begin your research phase.

Check out Facebook, Instagram, magazines and other blogs to find brands and products congruent with your brand. Then add to a google document for ease of reference.

Next up is figuring out how to ” Pimp Out Your Advertising Page”  ( love this!)

Create an advertising page on your blog, include all the best bits of your about me page, contact details and contact form, along with a media kit.

In Module 3 of Secret Bloggers MBA,  Kate provides an awesome, professional Media Kit template. The only changes to be made are adding images and contact details and its ready to go!

In addition to an advertising page, consider setting up an Ad Shop on your advertising page.

To begin with, have a look at Passionfruit Ads, a simple and affordable option to setting up banner ads on your site.

Now lets be honest, the thought of approaching other brands asking if they will advertise your products, may scare the bejesus out of you!

I felt that way, however, yet again, Kate comes to the rescue, providing multiple email templates ..laying out exactly what to say/write! These email templates are Gold!

Obviously there is a lot more content to Module 6, but lets move on the BONUSES!

There are 8 bonuses, but I will highlight just 2.

Bonus Material

Success Mindset!

Certainly the foundation to having an ongoing successful business. This bonus module gets you thinking like a CEO so you can pretty much STOP getting in your own way!

Worksheet time! A brief and lovely overview of law of attraction. This worksheet helps to identify limiting beliefs so you can STOP self sabotaging! Yes I do that often!

Photography For Bloggers!

This is brilliant…Photography 101 for bloggers, learn about composition, lighting and mastering your camera!

Okay so…

Question…. Would I Recommend Secret Bloggers Business MBA Course…. hmmmm…. let me see……


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Module 6..I am hoping you have just read!

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As always, wishing you oodles of health, happiness & success in everything you do!