What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

I go through phases of either skipping breakfast, whipping up green smoothies for a week…or resorting to a toasted muffin with Vegemite with my morning coffee!

Certainly no consistency!

When I am on one of my missions to maintain a healthy diet, such as drinking green smoothie’s and cutting out wheat and white rice … I know I feel more energised & positive… I just have to learn to stick to it no matter what my hormones are telling me to eat!

There are days when my productivity towards my work & my business.. are nothing short of ridiculous! If I reflect on these episodes, I can guarantee that every time this occurs, it coincides with eating rubbish, topped off with no exercise!

Low and behold there is a Productivity Diet !!

Who would have thought!

Ok… so I am not going to blow you away by saying, if you eat rubbish you will feel the same way!

But what if you knew exactly what you should be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner to sustain your energy levels, improve your mindset, boost your memory and ultimately have a super productive day!

Move over Paleo Diet….there is a new kid on the block ( the right stuff ..baby!)

Check out this infographic created by Hubspot & EBOC.

It is really just a simple guide to help you get more done each day ….

Start Your Day On The Right Food!

the productivity diet

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