Age does not matter..make this decade count | ‘ There are so many people that truly are good entrepreneurs, or have entrepreneurial DNA but they just weren’t lucky enough to be born during an era that that seemed practical..’ Gary Vaynerchuck

So answer this… 

Think back to your early 20’s…was that really 20yrs ago?

How did you imagine your life would be when you reached 35, 40, 45, 50, 55?

I pictured myself as an interior designer running my own business..along with a spunky husband and some kids, a nice house with a swimming pool.

Tell me this..what’s your plan for the next 60yrs? Are you looking forward to retiring at 70? How awesome would that be! 70th birthday, mortgage finally paid off, pack your bags and walking stick ( jokes mum and dad..who arent really 70!)  and you’re off gallivanting around the globe!

Do you think, if you continue doing what you have just done over the past 20yrs… that you will be able to achieve all those dreams and desires you have on your bucket list?

Maybe we only have one life in which to achieve all that we want to achieve!?

How many business ideas have you pondered and/or pursued over the years? Geez where do I start…

  • I was going to be the best barista and buy a coffee cart
  • I was going to create an art and craft business for kids – lets just say very colourful handprints on canvas and my business name was KidzPrintz! … there’s an idea for you!
  • I was going to sell my abstract artwork painted on Canvas – I sold 2 paintings!
  • I was going to be a Powerseller making millions with my Ebay Store. Australian Made Ugg Boots are very expensive to buy wholesale and you’d be lucky to make about $5 profit when competing with the crapola versions made overseas!
  • I was going to be a draftsman/person working for local businesses – 1 semester in and another baby on the way… hyperemesis kicks in AGAIN and that was the end of that!
  • I was going to study Interior Design and start my own business – I enrolled in night classes but after the big ass extension and swimming pool..I had to be a big girl and return to work as studying for free wasn’t an option!
  • I was going to make it big online with my Jewellery and Accessory Business…. ill leave that story for another blog post!

Where am I going with this? Not only have I done my husbands head in with my numerous ideas … I did my own head in and became very disenchanted.

But still… the nagging naggy nag nag voice in my head kept pumping out ideas!

And now I know why…it wasn’t my fault…. I have Entrepreneurial Genes… it is in my DNA!

Thankyou Gary Vaynerchuk!

‘ There are so many people that truly are good entrepreneurs, or have entrepreneurial DNA
but they just weren’t lucky enough to be born during an era that that seemed practical..’
Gary Vaynerchuck

See, it isn’t your fault!

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Now pluck up the courage and embark on the next decade with determination and intention to create a wonderous full life!!